Is a cork leather bag stronger than a leather bag?


Is a cork leather bag stronger than a leather bag?

We do understand that buying your first cork leather bag can raise some questions. Nowadays, the offer of bags is huge and finding the ideal bag becomes difficult. Leather bags are everywhere and cork bags are less widely known and sometimes a bit misunderstood.

Cork leather bags are fashion pieces hard to find and try on.

We understand your fears... Although choosing a bag can seem like a Pandora's box, finding reasons to buy and trust a cork leather bag is much easier than it looks.

1. Cork leather bags last as long as animal leather bags but have the advantage of being cruelty-free.

Online Cork bags are PETA certified, which means that tests on animals are not conducted and that the materials that are used in the production of our bags do not contain any animal related materials. All Online Cork products are eco-friendly, guided by ethical principles and sustainable.

The fashion industry or "fast fashion", as it is known, often doesn't care about the manufacturing process like we do, to deliver you the latest trend.

Well, we know that cork is an incredible and sustainable alternative to traditional animal leather, and we work with it. If you opt for a cork leather bag, you won't regret it.

2. The aesthetic qualities of a cork bag are similar: soft and shiny texture. Yes, a cork leather bag is beautiful too!

Cork leather can easily replace animal leather to make beautiful and durable bags. Also, cork bags are pieces with unique textures. You can find the same model, but you will rarely find two alike! Gorgeous and special like you. ๐Ÿ˜›

Many backpacks are still starting to be made of vegan leather, like our Portuguese cork ones. They even feel and have a good appearance.

According to, 23% of women buy a new bag every one to three months. Did you include yourself in this number? Do you already have a cork bag in your closet? We give you one more reason to have and trust this choice!

3. Cork leather bags are made of a versatile sustainable and renewable raw material

If you don't know why, we'll explain. Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree that is harvested every nine years and grows back, which means that itโ€™s a completely renewable material.

In Portugal, we still have the largest cork oak forests and we respectfully promote their growth. There is even a law that requires pruning or cutting of cork oaks (Decree-Law No. 169/2001, of May 25), as this is a protected species.

Cork is also a very flexible material that allows the designers and artisans to get much more freedom in creating many different bags. From bags of different sizes, shapes and styles to backpacks, the sky's the limit.

Is it nice knowing that bags or other kinds of accessories can be made of a sustainable material, donโ€™t you think?

If you're still thinking and from your research you think that a cork bag is too expensive, think again. Saying that sustainable fashion or a cork leather bag is expensive is a mistake if you take into account the durability factor. The fast fashion industry offers inexpensive products that often fail to withstand wear or a wash cycle.
In the long run, you save money, take care of the ecosystem and even buy quality unique vegan leather bags.

Think about it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Take a look at our cork leather bags and backpacks for women and cork products for men. We have a very diverse offer in various patterns and colors.

If you have more questions or would like to see some photos, contact us via WhatsApp.

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