What is cork made of? Is it a eco-friendly choice?

What is cork made of

If you’re wondering if cork is a good material to make bags, wallets or even to have at home… Or worried if you’re doing the right consumer choices to not affect nature… Maybe we can help you figure out this telling you a little more about cork.

Do you know where cork comes from?

It all starts in the forest. A cork oak (Quercus Suber L) lives an amazingly long time, upwards of 200 years. This trees have a unique ability to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. It is estimated that a cork oak forests can absorb up to 14 million tons of CO2 per year. Amazing don’t you think?

Cork is truly an amazing and sustainable resource. Portugal is known for having the largest collection of cork oak trees.

Cork is stripped from the trunk of the Cork Oak tree (Quercus Suber L), without damaging the tree, every nine years, and during this period the cork barks regrows. The first harvesting occurs when the tree has 25 years old to assure the best grade. The year of harvest is marked on the trunk to guarantee that no one harvest it at the wrong time.

Cork is 100% natural, sustainable, and recyclable material. It has a range of applications associated with its attributes that no technology has yet managed to emulate, match or exceed.

Online Cork respect all the stripping process timings to use the highest quality cork in the production of their products and has the best fashion design team innovating for you.

It’s good to look at Online Cork products and know that their are made of eco-friendly and vegan materials that don’t harm the environment, nature or animals.

Looking at this good things, is cork a nature masterpiece?

Cork is the bark of the cork oak. Is eco-friendly, renewable, biodegradable, extremely versatile, light, impermeable, elastic and provides thermal and acoustic insulation. These are good reasons to be considered a masterpiece, don’t you think?

Let’s get to know in detail some cork properties that make it so special

  • Lightweight: Over 50% of its volume is air, which makes it very light. It weighs just 0.16 grams per cubic centimeter, and it can float.
    • Impermeable to liquids and gases: It is totally impermeable to liquids and practically impermeable to gases. Its resistance to moisture allows it to grow old without deteriorating.
    • Elastic and compressible:  It can be compressed to around half its thickness without losing any flexibility, and it decompresses, recovering its initial shape and volume, as soon as it ceases to be compressed. It is able to adapt to variations in temperature and pressure without suffering variations, due to its elasticity.
    • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulator: The 40 million cells in each cubic centimeter of cork act as a real decibel absorber, making it an excellent sound and vibration insulator. Its molecular structure allows it to absorb heat and retain it for a long period of time.
    • Slow burning: The slow combustion of cork makes it a natural fire retardant and a kind of barrier against fires. Cork burns without a flame and doesn’t emit toxic gases during combustion.
    • Antistatic and anti-allergic: It doesn’t absorb dust and prevents the appearance of mites and, therefore, contributes to protection against allergies.
    • Wear resistance: Cork is resistant to wear, thanks to its honeycomb structure, which makes it less affected by impact or friction than other hard surfaces

This unique properties gave cork an unrivaled character. If you’re worried about the climate and how your purchase choices can impact nature, we hope this article clears your doubts that cork is an unquestionable good option.

Can you imagine the advantage of wearing a cork products, like a hat, that is an excellent thermal insulator during the summer or impermeable to liquids during the winter? Or just another piece made of cork that is so lightweight that you can carry it effortlessly or so special that you can offer it knowing that will last for years?

Thats why, Online Cork choose cork. The reasons are endless!

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