Which jewelry is best for you? 6 Tips to find out


Hello everyone! It seems like an easy question, but sometimes it’s complex, that of deciding which jewelry to buy, isn't it true?

Among the various options for earrings, necklaces, rings, we immediately think about the clothes we are going to wear with it and on what occasion, and sometimes we give up. We don't want that to happen to you!

As creating cork jewelry in various colors and with different applications is our passion, we bring you some tips that can help you discover the ideal piece of jewelry for you.

  1. Think about the occasion: whether it's a romantic dinner, a wedding, a work meeting or everyday jewelry.
  2. Choose a color: that suits your wardrobe or outfit for the occasion, and combine them.
  3. Define a style: classic, modern or bold. Think about your style of dress, break it down into words and voilá, choose identical jewels that speak to you.
  4. Respect your skin color: You probably already have colors that you don't like or that don't compliment you. In the same way that you choose a sweater that makes you feel good, apply the same logic when choosing jewelry. You have to feel comfortable using it.
  5. Define the center focus: It helps if you think about your outfit, whether it's simple, with patterns or with details. The simpler your outfit, the bolder your choice can be and vice versa.
  6. Take chances: There are always exceptions to the rule and if your style is daring and you like bold jewelry, you should stay true to yourself! Remember the colors, textures and match each jewel with your visual identity.

Plus to issues related to the moment and occasion, cork jewelry always looks good on any skin tone and emits a natural vibe that screams “SUSTAINABILITY!”.

Cork jewelry is beautiful, 100% natural, resistant to water and heat, lightweight and did we mention that it is BEAUTIFUL? 🙂 They are also high quality products!

With a love and respect for nature, Online Cork designers create amazing collections of PETA approved vegan cork jewelry.

We share with you below two sets and invite you to visit our collection of cork earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Cork set of necklace, bracelet and earrings with green irregular ceramics.


Cork set of necklace and bracelet with gray and pink ceramics.


Check out our diversity of Cork Necklaces!

Long Cork Necklace With Ceramic Heart
Black Cork Necklace With Blue Ceramic and Metal Plate

Fall in love with our Cork Earrings!

Brown Earrings With Brown Stones
Beige Cork Earrings With Orange Ceramic

Be amazed by our Cork Bracelets!

Beige Cork Bracelet With Multicolor Orange Ceramic

We hope we have helped you choose the perfect jewel for you or the ideal gift, because that is what moves us forward!

If you still curious, explore our environmentally friendly jewelry collections, made with ceramic, tubes, ribbons, medals and other pieces.

Unlike plastic jewelry or accessories made from other materials that can seem cheap, cork is always an eclectic choice, goes well with different styles, lasts for many years, and it’s always in fashion.

Yes, we know that compared to you, it will always be an accessor!

Even so, if you have questions, contact us via Whatsapp (+351) 913 481 881 or through our social networks:  Instagram and Facebook.

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